Flyer Advertising Service and Cost

Many small business owners in SWFL will spend hundreds of dollars to print out a small quantity of flyers. Then after paying for their business flyer to be made and printed the business owner now needs to pay one of their works to deliver the flyer around town. If the business owner doesn’t pay one of their workers to deliver the flyer they now need to hire a 3rd party delivery person to deliver the flyers. By the time the business owner pay for the flyers to be created and printed and then pays for a worker or delivery person to deliver the flyer it begins to get expensive to advertise. Furthermore you do not get very many flyers made for the cost.

Florida’s Coupon Book brings the small business owner a more affordable way to advertise that will not only save the business owner money but give the business owner a much larger audience and viewership of their business ad. This is good for you, the business owner, because the more people who see your business ad in our publication the greater the odds someone will want to use your ad and become your paying customer. With Florida’s Coupon Book we deliver our book to more than 20 SWFL cities, areas, and communities and when you advertise in our coupon book vs many other forms of advertising, more people will see your ad. Get more exposure for your business and have your business seen more by advertising with us. The great thing about our coupon book is it is inexpensive and very affordable to advertise with us.

Some cities our coupon book is found in are Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Alva, North Fort Myers, Estero, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice, Nokomis, and Englewood.

To advertise in Florida’s Coupon Book call us today at 239-347-5500. Most businesses do well advertising in our coupon book and have been advertising in our coupon book for many years because they get results from our book.

Flyer Advertising Service and Cost

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