Radio and Billboard Advertising in SWFL

A lot of business owners think advertising on the radio is the best form of advertising they can do for the cost. However for radio advertising to be effective you often need to run your radio ad many times a day all month long before people begin to remember it and think about your business. Furthermore if you do not give a strong message with a call for action over the radio you just assume people heard your business ad on the radio and are coming to your business and calling your business. A good radio ad campaign can easily run you thousands of dollars a month. When it comes to advertising on a billboard the cost to do so is usually very expensive. The busier the road the more expense the billboard ad spot normally cost. You can spend thousands of dollars a month to advertise on some billboards. It may look good to have a large ad for your business on a big sign but you are limiting your ad strength to people who drive on one single road and see your ad. You are missing out on all the potential customers who could have seen your business ad or message that never travel on the one road with your billboard sign.

Florida’s Coupon Book gives you a better and more affordable option to advertise your business in than advertising on the radio or advertising on a billboard. With us we will show your business ad in our publication in more than 20 SWFL cities and areas and in thousands of Southwest Florida businesses. Furthermore most forms of advertising do not want you to be able to track the results because if you do you will know if your advertising is working or not. With Florida’s Coupon Book you will know our form of advertising is getting you results each and every time a new customer brings you a coupon to use. This way you know your ad budget is smart and not a waste with us because you can monitor and track the results. It is smart to offer a coupon or promotion in your ad to create a call for action for your ad. However we do not require you to have a coupon in your ad. If you just want to take advantage of all the places, fans, and people we have using Florida’s Coupon book you can run a business ad in our publication show casing your business service without a coupon in it.

Advertising in Florida’s Coupon Book will get your business seen by potential customers in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Pine Island, Estero, Alva, Lehigh Acres, Gateway, San Carlos Park, St. James City, Matlacha, Bokeelia, Punta Gorda, Labelle, Port Charlotte, Placida, Rotonda West, Englewood, Venice, Venice Island, Nokomis, Osprey, North Port, and South Sarasota. One low ad cost giving you massive amount of viewership of your ad throughout SWFL.

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Radio and Billboard Advertising in SWFL Coupon Book

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