Social Media Advertising vs. Print Media Advertising

Today many business owners think they should advertise their business only on social media. Some businesses do well advertising on social media websites. But do not be so quick to dismiss print media advertising. There are different forms of print media advertising from newspaper, coupon books, magazine, and flyers. Some publications just want to run your business ad with no call for action message and little to no way for you to track the results of your ad. This is why the best form of print media advertising you can do is in Florida’s Coupon Book because with us you can track your advertising results. Each and every time a customer brings you a coupon from our publication or online websites you will know that customer came to your business because of your ad in our coupon book.

Back the topic of social media ads. Almost all pay per click type ads or social media ads need you to get several clicks and dozens of people to view your ad before someone will ever use it or sign up and give you their contact information. Depending on the advertising platform each click or impression will cost you money. Then even after you get people to land on your business website or click on your business ad on social media the average conversion rate is 1 out of 20 depending on the type of business and business service you are marketing. So you not only have to worry about getting enough people to see your business site or business ad, then you need to get enough to sign up or give you their information, so you now can work them as a lead and hope they become a customer. Now when you make a smart ad with a call for action in Florida’s Coupon Book, when your phone rings or a new customer walks into your business with a coupon from our book they are a willing, able, and ready to go customer without having to try to sell them and try to convince them to come to your business. Basically your coupon message, coupon promotional deal or offer, and your ad in our book will be a strong sales person for your business helping you find more new customers. Not only will we help you get new customers your ad all over town and throughout SWFL will be encouraging your existing customers to come back to your business and not just go to your competitor’s business.

Don’t run your business ad in 1 zip code online and limit your potential customer to whoever sees it on social media only. Instead get your business ad seen all over SWFL in thousands of the busiest and most well-known businesses. Get more exposure for your business for a very low advertising cost.

To advertise your Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice, Nokomis, Englewood, or Sarasota business in Florida’s Coupon Book call 239-347-5500.

Social Media Advertising vs. Print Media Advertising

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