What is the best advertising you can do for $300.00 or Less?

The best advertising you can do for $300.00 or less is advertising your business in Florida’s Coupon Book. If you own a business in SWFL you will get more exposure for your business by running your business ad in our publication. Florida’s Coupon Book is distributed to more than 30 Southwest Florida zip codes, 20+ SWFL cities and areas, and can be seen in thousands of SWFL businesses in Sarasota County, Lee County, Charlotte County, and surrounding counties and cities. Unlike other forms of advertising that learn your advertising budget to a short campaign that quickly ends and dies off our style of advertising and marketing last all month long. When you have an ad in Florida’s Coupon Book tens of thousands of local SWFL residents will see your ad each and every day all month long all over towns and cities in Southwest Florida. The more people who see your ad the more results you will get. Most businesses do very well advertising in our coupon book.

Results will vary but with the right ad design and call for action message most business get a good return in Florida’s Coupon Book for their advertising budget. Here at Florida’s Coupon Book we love helping Southwest Florida business owners get new customers and grow!

Contact Florida’s Coupon Book today to see if your business is a good candidate to advertise in our publication. Most types of businesses do well advertising in our coupon book. Florida’s Coupon Book has been printed and distributed in SWFL since 2011.

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What is the best advertising you can do for $300.00 or Less?

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