What makes a good advertisement?

Many small business owners in SWFL know they need to advertise their business but often they do not know where to advertise. Sometimes a business owner will try to advertise their business on their own. Before you advertise you will want to know what makes a good advertisement? What makes a good ad? First off a good advertisement is an ad that brings you results. Many businesses pay for advertising that just takes their money and does not work. So a good ad should work and bring your business results. How can you tell if you are getting results? You should be getting new customers and your existing customers calling your business and coming to your business from your ad. A good ad will make a person look at it twice. A good advertisement will make a customer think about it and be attracted to a message in your ad. The best ad gives your potential customer something they may want. For example a discount or an offer. This will create a call for action and encourage the viewer of your advertisement to shop at your business. Give your customer a reason to come to your business!

Here at Florida’s Coupon Book we have professional graphics artist that can design an eye popping ad for your business that will help attract people to your ad and bring results. Most businesses advertising in Florida’s Coupon Book get positive results from their advertisement and find new customers from their ad. When you put a coupon or offer in your ad you are able to track the results from your ad. Each time a customer comes to your business and uses the coupon you will know Florida’s Coupon Book brought you that customer! Don’t make the mistake of advertising somewhere else where you have no idea if your ad budget is working. With us you will see the results!

Florida’s Coupon Book has been around since 2011 when the first issue of Florida’s Coupon Book was printed. Our coupon Book is now in 20+ SWFL cities and areas including Fort Myers, Estero, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers, South Cape Coral, North Cape Coral, Alva, Pine Island, Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood, Punta Gorda, Venice, Venice Island, Nokomis, Osprey, South Sarasota, and surrounding cities and towns.

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What makes a good advertisement?

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